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OKRB 008-95

OKRB 008-95. Units of measurement and counting

Units of measurement and counting

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Detailed information

Designation OKRB 008-95
Title Units of measurement and counting
Effective date 01.01.1996
Status First implemented
Source of status information ИУС РБ № 3-1995
Type of document OKRB - classifiers of the Republic of Belarus
ICS 35.040 Character sets and information coding
Number of pages 36

Document changes

Number change Date of introduction of changes The nature of the changes Source of information on changes Notes to change
1 01.09.1999 ND cross references change ИУС РБ № 3-1999
1 01.09.1999 Change of document text ИУС РБ № 3-1999
amendment   Change of document text ИУС РБ № 1-1999
amendment   Change of document text ИУС РБ № 3-1997