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How to Order


1 To add the document you’re interested in to the cart, find it in the appropriate section manually or by using search, and click "Add to Cart" button (Figure 1), corresponding to the selected document.

Как оформить заказ
Figure 1

2 If you want to order other documents click "OK" (Figure 2) and repeat the steps described in paragraph 1.

How to order
Figure 2

3 After adding all the necessary documents to the cart go for checkout. To do this, after adding to the cart the last document, select in the popup window "Go to shopping cart" (Figure 3), or click on the "Shopping Cart" (Figure 4) in the upper right corner of the site.

How to order
Figure 3
How to order
Figure 4

4 After going to the cart: - specify the quantity of the ordered documents (Figure 5);

How to order
Figure 5

- select payment method suitable for you (Figure 6).

How to order
Figure 6

5 When the following text message appears (Figure 7):

How to order
Figure 7

- click “Sign Up” button if you make order for the first time (see paragraph 5.2); - click “Log in” button if you previously used the services of the online store.

5.1 After clicking “Log in” button enter your login and password. Click “Sign in” button (Figure 8).

How to order
Figure 8

After signing in look through the wording of the contract offer in the resulting window and click “Order” button (Figure 9).

How to order
Figure 9

5.2 After clicking “Sign up” button fill out the form with contact information and click “Sign up” button (Figure 10).

How to order
Figure 10

After filling in all the fields in the resulting window, click “Order” button (Figure 9).

6 Your order is successfully placed. Depending on the selected form of payment follow the instructions.

If you have not received your order within specified time, you should contact technical support by telephone +375 17 269 69 11 or by email support@iseac.ru, support@belgiss.by, 911@belgiss.by. Our managers will always give you a consultation.