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Welcome to BelGISS Online Store!

Scientific-Production Republican Unitary Enterprise "Belarusian State Institute for Standardization and Certification" (BelGISS) - - National Institute for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus.

BelGISS is the central state scientific and practical enterprise of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus (Gosstandart) in the field of technical standardization, standardization, conformity assessment, information and technical support and system management.

The information support in the field of technical regulation and standardization is one of the activity areas of BelGISS.

In BelGISS Online Store you can order and buy the official publications of:

  • International Organization for Standardization ISO standards
  • Technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (Customs Union) (TR EAEC, TR TS);
  • Technical regulations of the Republic of Belarus (TR BY);
  • Technical codes of common practice (TKP), approved by Gosstandart;
  • National classifications of the Republic of Belarus, approved by Gosstandart;
  • State standards of the Republic of Belarus (GOST, STB, UNECE Regulations);
  • Catalogues of technical normative and legal acts in the field of technical regulation and standardization (TNLA);
  • Reference indexes of TNLA (RI TNLA).

For experts of standardization, conformity assessment, management system services there are methodological and information publications, which contain explanations, recommendations for use of technical regulations (TR CU, TR BY), standards (GOST, STB, ISO, IEC, EN), conformity (compliance) assessment procedures; analytical and informational materials on standardization; reviews of documents of technical legislation of foreign states.

Making use of BelGISS Online Store services you will reduce your time for preparation of requisition and purchase of the document you are interested in. In the Online Store you can order and buy printed publications and publications in online mode.

The printed publications of TNLA can be sold only to the residents of the Republic of Belarus.
Purchased publications cannot be copied and distributed by a customer to the third parties.
Exchange and return of publications of improper quality are carried out according to the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

BelGISS reserves the right to restrict the distribution of certain groups and types of goods, as well as to suspend some payment methods by the software of the Online Store.

Contact information

Execution of orders:

Phone: +375 17 269-69-12,
Fax: +375 17 269-69-46,
Email: shop@belgiss.by

Technical support service:

Phone: +375 17 269 69 11,
Email: support@iseac.ru, support@belgiss.by, 911@belgiss.by,
skype: support.belgiss

Address and opening hours:

Address: Str. Novatorskaya 2A, room 208, 220053, Minsk, Republic of Belarus.
Opening hours: 8.30-17.00.
Day off: saturday, sunday.