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The online mode

The online mode grants password access to documents in electronic form as a part of the program module “Subscription”.

The online mode is available to a user in the Internet after the authorization at http://ips3.belgiss.by. Authorization details (login and password) shall be sent to the email specified by a user in the application form after payment.

The program module “Subscription” provides access to specific TNLAs, methodical, reference and information publications, the magazine “Standardization”, as well as collections of technical regulations of the Customs Union, which include all normative legal acts and standards ensuring compliance with the requirements of technical regulations of the Customs Union.

The user is given access to documents for a period of one year, and during this time, the document is kept up to date, that is the user subscribes to receive relevant and adequate information within a certain time line. After one year the user can extend subscription for a document of his interest.

Contract offer 04.07.2017