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The online mode

The online mode

The online mode involves granting password access to different documents in electronic form as a part of the program module “Subscription”.

Online documents are available to the user after authorization at http://ips3.belgiss.by. User credentials (login and password) will be sent to the user email specified during registration after the payment is made.

The online mode grants access to:

  • ISO international standards;
  • Technical normative legal acts;
  • Methodological and reference information publications;
  • Magazine “Standardization”;
  • Collections of technical regulations of the Customs Union including all regulatory legal acts and standards that enable compliance with requirements of a technical regulation of the Customs Union.

The user is granted unlimited access to the text of a document as well as to its bibliographic data. The text of a document is not kept current. Bibliographic data, including document status and revision information, are updated automatically on a monthly basis.

When the active version of the text of a document including all changes is required, the user of the program module “Subscription” can take advantage of the Update feature. The purchase of the up-to-date text is subject to additional fees equal to the cost of a specific amendment to a document. The payment for these services is made through the website of the BelGISS Online Store.

Please note that when updating a document, changes are not made in the text of the document itself, but precede it.

An offer agreement for provision of services for granting access to TNLA and other documents as a part of the IM “Subscription”